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W&G / Acterna ANT-20 Advance Network Tester (JDSU ANT-20)

Advance Network Tester (W&G/JDSU ANT20)
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W&G / Acterna ANT-20 Features

  • Multi-rate transmission testing from DS1 to OC-192c and E1 to STM-64c.
  • Jitter / wander generation and analysis at 2.488 Mbit/s as per ITU-T O.171 and O.172
  • Modular platform offering SONET, DSn, SDH, and ATM capabilities.
  • Portable mainframe & Large color touch screen display.
  • Generation and analysis of errors and alarms
  • BERT and V.11 interface for DCC
  • Ethernet, GPIB, and RS-232/V.24 interfaces allow for easy adaptation to test automation environments

W&G / Acterna ANT-20 Description

The Wandel & Goltermann ANT-20 Advance Network Tester (Acterna / JDSU ANT20) has everything you need to optimize you rnetwork. Some of the many possibilities are as follows.
The Network Tester makes it easy to measure the switch-over time from "Working line" to "protection line". If faults occur, the instrument enables detailed analysis of the APS protocol procedures so you can immediately detect faulty commands.
OC-48c can now be used to provide uniform bandwidths for IP and ATM. OC-48c offers the payload capacity to 2.4 Gbit/s. This technology is used primarily to link high-speed data networks.

The Acterna ANT20 has automatic test modes to simplify test start-up and to provide a fast overview of four-channel system. Using multistage analysis, you can view the status of individual channels with a click of the mouse.
The ANT-20's design lets you store an almost unlimited number of instrument settings. You can now launch eight of your favourite application directly from the ANT-20 desktop.

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W&G / Acterna ANT-20 Configuration

  • 3035/90.01 : Mapping C12
  • 3035/90.02 : 34Mbps in C3 Mapping
  • 3035/90.03 : Mapping C4
  • 3035/90.04 : Mapping C11
  • 3035/90.05 : 45Mbps in C3 Mapping
  • 3035/90.15 : Extended Overhead Analysis
  • 3035/90.30 : PDH Mux/Demux 64/140M
  • 3035/90.33 : Bit Error Test 2/8/34/140Mbps
  • 3035/90.34 : Bit Error Test 1.5/45Mbps
  • 3035/90.48 : Optics STM-1/4, OC-1/3/12, 1310 & 1550
  • 3035/90.90 : OC-12c/STM-4c BERT
  • 3035/91.59 : New STM-16, 1310 & 1550