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Pintech ultra mini flexible current probe-Small coil

Pintech Ultra Mini

PINTECH ultra mini flexible current probe,Compared with the traditional standard coil, the mini coil can detect circuits in smaller and narrower places, with higher flexibility; it is more suitable for small signal testing such as UPS cases, LED lighting, mos tubes, IC pins, etc., and the coil size can be customized according to customer requirements. To achieve a better testing experience.

Pintech Ultra Mini Specification

Model SensitivitymV/A Peak-PeakCurrent(A) Min. Current( A) Noise(mV Pk-Pk) Bandwidth(3db) Accuracy

DKFLEX ultra mini flexible current probe

(Custom coil size with 1.6mm coil diameter,110mm~500mm coil circumference)

DK-Mini070 100 70 0.7 12 100Hz-4/8MHz 1%+2mV
DK-Mini140 50 140 1.4 12 100Hz-4/8MHz 1%+2mV
DK-Mini350 20 350 3.5 10 60Hz-4/8MHz 1%+2mV