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Pintech PT740-1A (150KHz,400A) Current probe

Pintech PT740-1A

PT740-1A (150KHz,400A) Current probe Compatible with any oscilloscope,standard BNC interface. Attenuation ratio : 1A/10mV,1A/1mV Input : AC : 0.2-40A,DC : 0.4-40A; AC : 40-400A DC : 40-400A Big clamp,easy operation.

Pintech PT740-1A Specification

PT740-1A AC/DC Current clamp probe(Type 1:battery power supply only,has auto power off after using 10 minutes function.)(Type 2:battery & adaptor power supply,doesn’t have auto power off after using 10 minutes function.)Kindly inform which type you want to order.
Range Current measuring range AC:0.2A~40A peak,DC:0.4A~40A AC:40A~400Apeak,DC:40A~400A
Attenuation 10mV/A 1mV/A
Accuracy DC-1KHz,1.5%±5mV
Noise 1mV rms
Rise/fall time 2.3µs
Bandwidth DC~150kHz(-3dB)
Load impedance =1MOand=100pF
Insert impedance 50Hz?0.39mO,1000Hz?58mO
Working voltage Max.600V rms
Common mode voltage Max.600V rms
Jaw opening conductor position influence 0.5% numerical reading
Battery 9V Alkaline battery
Battery capacity indicator When >6.5V,LED turns green
Battery life About 50 hour
Overload indicator LED turn red
Automatic shutdown time 10min(type 1 power supply)
Dc zero adjustment v
Jaw opening insert conductor One cable: dia. 30mm. Two cable :dia.24mm or 2?31.5?10mm bus bar
Size 224?97?44mm
Weight 440g
Color Dark grey box; Red jaw opening
output 2m Coaxial cable and insulation BNC connector jack