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Pintech PT-721 (100KHz,1200A) AC CURRENT PROBE

Pintech PT-721

AC CURRENT PROBE PT-721 (100KHz, 1200A) Bandwidth : 100KHz Max. measuring current : 1200A Attanuration ratio : 100mV/A,10mV/A.1mV/A Current range : 0.1A~20A,20A~200A,200A~1200A Accuracy : 3%,2%,1%

Pintech PT-721 Specification

Detailed description :
AC CURRENT PROBE PT-7211. 1200A current with high accurate measurement. Max. Clamp 52mm.2.Isolated coaxial BNC cable, match any meter, data recorders and oscilloscopes. Can measure and show waves easily with mV signals output.3 ranges selection, can replace A621,i1000s,etc.
Current range 0.1A~20A 20A~200A 200A~1200A
Attenuation ratio 100mV AC/A AC 10mV AC/A AC 1mV AC/A AC
Accuracy =3%+10mV =2%+5mV =1%+1mV
Measurement condition Measure condition:23?▒3?,20~75%RH,Sinusoidal frequency 48Hz~65Hz,distortion <1%, No dc component,External magnetic field <40A/m, No ac magnetic field, the center of the test sample, load impedance=1MOand =47pF
Bandwidth 10Hz~100kHz(-3dB)
Max. dV/dt 10A/Ás
Max. current when <1kHz,1000A Continuous current ,1200A(about forty minutes in the maximum )(if the measuring time over twenty minutes ,it should be stopped)
Load impedance =1MO and =47pF
Rise/Fall time =40us
Working voltage 600V rms
Common mode voltage 600V CAT III
Stack DC current influence =30A DC,
Max. Jaw opening diameter 53mm
Max. Conductor size Cable:max. Diameter:?52mm;Total wiring harness;single:5?5mm,Four bus wiring harness:30?5mm
Size 216?111?45mm
Weight 500g