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Pintech PT-7020 (1.5KHz,450mA) Small current probe

Pintech PT-7020

PT-7020 (1.5KHz,450mA) Small current probe Bandwidth : DC-1.5KHZ 0.1-450 mA DC 0.1-300mA rms 0.1-450mA peak Clamp dia. 4.5mm

Pintech PT-7020 Specification

Detailed description :
Suitable for Mini current clamp which measure the small currentMini current clamp used for accurate measurement of the small current. The cabinet design is suitable for all kinds of environment to measure.Compatible with all the multi-meter and other instrumentsThrough the AC/DC signal to measure current (no need to signal conversion or signal filtering)It can measure RMS value in the interference of AC/DC
Model Measuring range Voltage Conversion ratio Bandwidth Accuracy
PT-7020 0.1-450 mA DC 4.5 V DC 10 mV for 1 mA DCto1.5khz 1%
0.1-300mA rms 3 V RMS
0.1-450mA peak 4.5V (MAX.)