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Pintech PT-5800 (50MHz,800V) Differential probe-high sensitivity

Pintech PT-5800

PT-5800 (50MHz,800V) Differential probe is a very high sensitivity model,X1,x10,x100 attenuation ratio can satisfied a wide range voltage measurement.It can be use with all oscilloscopes.

Pintech PT-5800 Specification

Model PT-5800
Bandwidth(-3dB) DC-50MHz
Attenuation ratio X1,x10,x100
Accuracy 2%
Input voltage range(Vp-p) 8Vp-p for x1
80Vp-p for x10
800Vp-p for x100
Input voltage range(Vrms / DC) 2.8Vrms or 4V DC for x1
28Vrms or 40V DC for x10
280Vrmsor 8KV DC for x100
Input impedance(single end to the ground) 1.5MO//4pF
Output voltage =4V
Output impedance(choose 1MO for oscilloscope input impedance) 50O
Rise time 7ns
Rejection Rate on Common Mode 60Hz:>80dB;100Hz:>60dB;1MHz:>50dB
Power supply 9V DC power supply
Consumption Max.200mA