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Pintech PT-5200 (1.6KVp-p,200MHz) high frequency differential probe

Pintech PT-5200

PT-5200 (1.6kVp-p,200MHz) Measure range from 20mV-1.6kVp-p. Enough to take general circuit measuring voltage range. Bandwidth is as high as 200 MHZ. Enough to satisfy 90% more electrical and electronic circuit application (Stop manufacturing,contact us for replacing model.)

Pintech PT-5200 Specification

PT-5200 differential probe FUNCTION
Differential Voltage(Vp-p) 1600V
Bandwidth (50O load -3dB) 200MHz 20, 50, 100, 200
Common Mode Voltage (Vp-p) 1600V
Common Mode Voltage AC/RMS 560V
Range(Switchable) 4(20, 50, 100, 200)
Input Impedance (Between Input) 18MO//1.7PF
Each Input R//C 9MO//3.4PF
Common Mode Rejection Ratio(CMRR) 60Hz:>10000:1100hz:>1000:11Mz:>300:1
Noise(Into 50O Load) =1mV rms
Accuracy =2%
Maximum Output Voltage =6V
Output Impedance 50O
Input Over Range Indicate Any Range , Input Voltage Exceed the Max. Voltage 90%
Power Auto Regulation System 5V~12v
Power Source External DC 9V/300mA
Accessories BP-250,BP-266,BP-276N,BP-286,BP-366,BPX-502,ADP-110( ro ADP-220)