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Pintech PT-2710 (200KHz,0.4A-60A) AC/DC current probe

Pintech PT-2710

PT-2710 (200KHz,0.4A-60A) current probe Bandwidth : 200KHz Attenuation ratio : 50mV/A,5mV/A Current range : 0.4A-10A,10A-60Ap-p,30A DC Accuracy : 2%

Pintech PT-2710 Specification

Model Number PT-2710
Range 50mV/A 5mV/A
Current range DC: 0.4A~10AAC:0.4A~10Ap-p DC: 10A~30AAC: 10A~60Ap-p
Output signal error 2% 2%
Bandwidth(-3dB) DC~200kHz
Load impedance =1MO and =100pF
Impedance 0.01O
Noise 2mV
Rise time 1.75Ás
Operating voltage Max.600Vrms
CMRR Max.600Vrms
Battery 9V (international delivery is forbidden,please buy it at local )
Low battery indicator with green LED light when >6.5V
Overload indicator Red LED light indicates the over measuring current, change the range
Mechanical Specifications
Operating temperature 0~+50?
Storage temperature ?
Temperature influence Every 10?,<0.2%
Operating relative humidity +10?~+30?:85▒5% relative humidity(non-condensing )+40?~+50?:45▒5%relative humidity(non-condensing )
Operating height 0~2000m
Max clam size Diameter 11mm
Dimension 231?36?67mm
Weight 310g(not including battery)
Output 2 meters of coaxial cable, with insulation BNC connector jack at the end