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Pintech P6010A (10KV,120MHz) high-voltage probe

Pintech P6010A

P6010A (10KV,120MHz) high-voltage probe High sensitivity in the oscilloscope observation, this kind of oscilloscope is ten times sensitivitythan traditional high pressure bar.

Pintech P6010A Specification

Model P6010A
Division Ratio 100:1
Max. pulse voltage 7KVp-p
Input Resistance 100MO
Input Capacitor 2.0 PF
Max. DC 10KV CAT ?
Max. AC RMS. 7KV CAT ?
Max. Loading Current 100uA
Band Width DC~120MHz
Rise Time 3.0 ns
Signal /Noise >60dB at 1KHz; >50dB at 1MHz
DCV Accuracy ?3% Full Range
ACV Accuracy ?3% at 1KHz
Temp. Coefficient ?200 PPM/?
Compensation Range 10PF~35PF
Safety Meets EN61010-031CAT?
Cable Length 2Mą0.2M
Operation Temp. -10~55?
Humidity 85%RH or less(at 35?)
Storage Temp. -20~70?
Color: Handel/Body Black/Milk Gray
Weight /Volume 460g/80(W)×80(H) ×320(L)mm