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Pintech N1015A (1500Vp-p,100MHz) differential probe

Pintech N1015A

Bandwidth : 100MHz Max. measuring voltage : 1500Vp-p Attenuation ratio : 1000 : 1/100 : 1 1% accuracy,compatible with any oscilloscope,standard BNC interface. 2 attenuation ratio range,easy to operating.

Pintech N1015A Specification

N1015A Specification
Bandwidth DC-100MHz
Accuracy 1%
Input Impedance 4MO//2 p F each side ground
Input Voltage
Swing(into 50 KO load) 7V
Offset(typical) <5Mv
Typical 50O(for using 1M ohm input system oscilloscope)
Power Supply
Options power leads
Length of BNC Cable 90cm
Length of Input Leads 60cm
Weight 500g
Attenuation Ratio 1:1000/100
CMRR(typical) -80dB@60Hz,-50d B@100KHz
Max. input differential-mode voltage(Vp-p) 1500V@1/1000, 150V@1/100
Max. input and ground potential differential voltage(Vp-p) 1500V@1/1000 & 1/100
(CMRR) CATII 1000V,CAT? 600V