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Pintech DP-100 (100MHZ,7000Vp-p) differential probe

Pintech DP-100

Bandwidth : 100MHZ Max. measuring voltage : 7000Vp-p Attenuation ratio : X100,X200,X500,X1000 Accuracy : 2%

Pintech DP-100 Specification

Model DP-100
Bandwidth(50O overload) DC-100MHz(X100 gear 50MHz)
Accuracy 2%(heat the machine after twenty minutes)
Division Ratio X100,X200,X500,X1000
Max, operating voltage(DC+AC peak) When X100,=350V DC,700Vp-p When X200,=700V DC,1400Vp-pWhen X500, =17005V DC,3400Vp-p When X1000, =3500V DC,7000Vp-p
Differential Range 7000V(DC+AC peak to peak)
CMRR 60Hz:>10000:1
Noise =2mVrms
Input resistance 54MO//1.2PF
Max. Consumption 9V/35mA
Size 235mm(L)X85mm(W)X35mm(H)
Weight 290g
Fitting BP-250,BP-256N,BP-276,BP-366,ADP-220