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Pintech CP-3501R pro (500MHz,600V) Oscilloscope Probe

Pintech CP-3501R pro

Product Introduction
Product Name : CP-3501Rpro (500MHz,600V) Oscilloscope Probe Short Description : Bandwidth : 500 MHz Cursor Readout : O Max. Working Voltage : CAT I 600V CAT II 300V Division Ratio : x10

Pintech CP-3501R pro Specification

Model CP-3501R/Pro
Division Ratio 10:1
Bandwidth DC~500MHz
Rise Time 0.7nS
Input Resistance 10 MO(when used in 1 MO resistance of oscilloscope)
Input capacitor About 12PF
Compensation Range 13~23PF
Operating voltage 600V DC+AC peak(decreasing with increasing requency)
DC Accuracy ?1%
?200ppmYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN" ""> about 1.2M
Operating temp. -10?~+55? or less 85%RH(35?)
Storage temp. -20?~+70? or less 90%RH
Weight 150g