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Pintech CP-260N (60MHz,600V) Oscilloscope Probe

Pintech CP-260N

Product Introduction
Product Name : CP-260N (60MHz,600V) Oscilloscope Probe Short Description : Max. Working Voltage:600V peak Bandwidth:60MHz Division Ratio:X 1 , X 10 Switchable

Pintech CP-260N Specification

х10 Range
Model CP-260N
Division Ratio 10:1
Bandwidth DC~60MHz
Rise Time 5.8nS
Input Resistance 10MΩ
Input Capacitor about 16PF
Compensation Range 10~50PF
Working voltage 600V DC+AC peak
х1 Range
Division Ratio 1:1
Band Width DC~60MHz
Rise Time 58nS
Input Resistance 1MΩ
Input Capacitor About 55PF
Working Voltage 400V DC+AC peak or 200V rms
DC Accuracy ≦1%
Temp.Coefficient ≦200ppm/℃
Cable length 1.2M
Operation Temp. 0℃~+50℃ or less 85%RH(35℃)
Storage Temp. -20℃~+70℃or less 90%RH
weight 65g