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Pintech PA6310 dc power supply (30V/10A)

Pintech PA6310

Two ways to set voltage and current : Digital keypad and knob adjustment Voltage 1mV, current 1mA resolution, 100 groups of voltage and current storage call function Low ripple and low noise.over-voltage, current limited, over-current and over-temperature protection Rear panel long distance measurement terminals for compensating line pressure drop RS-232 Standard computer connector

Pintech PA6310 Specification

Model PA6310
Output DC current rating(0?~40?)
Voltage 0~30V
Current 0~10A
Over-voltage protection 0.1~34V
Over-current protection 0.1~12A
Output voltage
Power effect =0.01%+4mV
Load effect =0.1%+5mV
Recovery time =1.5ms (50% load change)
Ripple and noise 2mVrms, 30mVpp
Temperature coefficient =300ppm/?
Setting accuracy (0.03% of reading + 10mV) (255?)
Setting resolution 1mV
Output current
Power effect =0.2%+3mA
Load effect =0.2%+5mA
Ripple and noise =10mArms
Setting accuracy (0.3% of reading + 10mA) (255?)
Setting resolution 1mA
Voltage 5 digits display
Current 5 digits display
Voltage resolution 1mV
Current resolution 1mA
Reading accuracy (0.02% of reading +5mV) (255?);(0.05% of reading +10mA) (255?)
Protection Overload protection, polarity reverse protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over temperature protection
Long-distance sensing Maximum compensing voltage0.1V
Battery charging Lithium battery curve Charging
Connector Standard RS232connectir,Support SCPI instruction set, analog control interface(optional)
Store/Pull memory 100group
Insulating degree Between the output terminal and the casing or other terminals:=60VDC
Operation indoor Altitude:=2000m Environment temperature:0~40?
Humidity:=80% Installation level:II Pollution level:2
Storage Environment temperature:-10~70? Humidity:=70%
Power input AC 220V10%, 50/60Hz
Accessories Instruction manualx1,power cablex1,RS232connector cablex1
Size 412(D)215(W)89(H)mm
Weight 4.5kg