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Pintech APA5200A series 3 phase high power AC power supply

Pintech APA5200A

APA5200A series high power AC power supply IGBT/SPWM Pulse Wave width adjustment mode Terminal Voltage feedback compensation function ensures no error in test power can set the waveform starting angle (0-359) , with synchronous source signal interface Select-able voltage Analog (0-5V) or current analog (4-20mA) control of power output Using a single chip microcomputer (d/a circuit) to collect voltage and current waveform data directly interface rs232/rs485 is optional, communication with computer CPU design to control the logic circuit opening and closing,one to one drive

Pintech APA5200A Specification

Model APA5215A APA5220A APA5230A APA5245A
Output capacity 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 45KVA
Making way IGBT/SPWM Pulse Wave width adjustment mode
Input power 3?4W+G380V/220V10% 50Hz/60Hz5%
Output Frequency 50,60,45-400HZ optional
Frequency stability =0.01%
Output Settings The voltage and frequency of each phase of the three phases can be independent, adjustable and displayed
Output Voltage Phase voltage:50-144V/100-288V line voltage87-500V
Output Current 42/21A 54/27A 84/42A 126/63A
Load Regulation =1%
waveform distortion =1%(full load2%)
Ammeter LCD Module Voltage,frequency,power,power factor,current,peak current,temperature,power capacitor,time,phase angle, impedance value and current voltage real-time curve
Protective device Overload,over current,over temperature,short circuit protection,alarm device
Weight (KG) 210 230 270 360
Dimension (MM)(W*H*D) 510*780*710 600*1260*700
Working environment Environment temperature 0-40?,Humidity10-90%