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Pintech APA5010 programmable AC power supply

Pintech APA5010

APA5010 programmable AC power supply, fast reaction speed, stable performance, easy to operate,four window five digital display, voltage, frequency, fast key combination features, digital encoder adjustment makes it more convenient and durable

Pintech APA5010 Specification

Model APA5010A
Power 1KVA
Working SPWM( Sinusoidal Pulse Width Modulation)
Phase 1f2W
Voltage 220V10%
Frequency 47Hz - 63Hz
Phase 1f2W
Voltage 0-150VAC / 0-300VAC AUTO
Frequency 45-250Hz(0.1Step)
Maximum Current L=120V 8.4A
H=240V 4.2A
Load Regulation 1%
T.H.D 2%(low range:120V;high range:240V,with pure resistive load)
Fre Regulation 0.01%
Display Voltage:Vrms,Current:Arms,Frequency:Fre,Power:Wattage,power factor:PF
Voltage Resolution 0.01V
Fre Resolution 0.01Hz
Current Resolution 0.001A
Memory M1 (V_F_A)?M2 (V_F_A)?M3 (V_F_A)
Accuracy Voltage 0.5%FS+5dgt
Current 0.5%FS+5dgt
Frequency 0.01%FS+5dgt
Power 0.5%FS+5dgt
Setting accuracy Voltage 1%FS
Frequency 0.1%FS
Interface RS232C
I-LIM Set 0-Max Current(Max. current:max. power/240V.P/240)
Output protection Over Current Over Temp Over Load Short Circuit
Weight(Kg) 20
Dimension WHD(mm) 430133480
Environment 0-40? 20-80%RH