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Pintech APA5001AC

APA5001 is a new adjustable AC power supply, It combines electric parameter tester and voltage regulator’s function,easy operating,small size are its characteristic. Engineers can use it directly, it is safe, reliable and convenient.

Pintech APA5001AC Specification

Model APA5001
Input voltage AC 220V
Output voltage AC 0-300V Adjustable
Power 1000VA
Display V/A/P/PF/F/Apk
Display accuracy 0.5%
Upper/lower setting Yes
Output switch Yes
Sound alarm Yes
Size 320*220*170mm
Weight 10KG
Measure item Range Accuracy
Ture rms Voltage 1.00 V ~300.0V(auto range) ±(0.5%reading+0.1%range+3words)
Ture rms current 0.1 mA ~3000mA(auto range) ±(0.5%reading+0.1%range+3words)
Peak current 1 mA ~3500mA(auto range) ±(0.5%reading+0.1%range+3words)
Power 0.01 W ~900W ±(0.5%reading+0.1%range+3words)
Power factor 0.000~1.000 ±(0.5%+0.001/reading+3bytes)
Input frequency 45Hz~65Hz ±0.5Hz
Power supply 220V±10%
Power frequency 45Hz~65Hz
Max. power 1000VA
Size 320mm(W)*170mm(H)*220mm(D)
Weight About 10KG