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Pintech DM 8808 Digital Multimeter with multi-function

Pintech DM 8808

DM8808 5 1/2 digit multimeter is a multi-functional, cost-effective voltage/current/resistance/capacitance meter. It provides Max. 120000 count, Max. sampling rate 200 times/s, 0.012% DCV accuracy ,etc, which is the optimal selection for users.DM8808 provides high brightness VFD Dual-display, which can display ACV/DCV or DCI, ACV/ACI and frequency .etc to improve the test efficiency and, clearer display.DM8808 is configured with USB interface, and also communication software is provided for PC communication, data analysis, statistics, building system. DM8808 accepts SCPI command to be compatib

Pintech DM 8808 Specification

Mathematicsfunction %?dB?dBm?REL?mX+b
Range Auto, Manual
Display High brightness VFD dual-display
Trigger Mode INT/BUS/EXIT
Reading Hold To find out best stable reading for eachdata block of the given reading numberaccording to the given accuracy.
Limitationmeasurement To judge HI,IN,LO and display, with ALARM for HI/LO
Calibration Auto, Manual
External Trigger Handle interface (external trigger andoutput sorting signal)
Communicationinterface SCPI command support for RS232 andUSB interface
Performance parameter expression of uncertainty:(% of reading+% of full scale)
Reading rate(reading/s)
Reading rate Fast Slow
4 1/2 5 1/2 4 1/2 5 1/2
DCV/DCI 80 15 15 4
ACV/ACI 80 15 15 4
O 80 15 15 4
DC voltage(DCV)
Range Min.Resolution Max.Uncertainty(1 year)
100mV-1000V 1V 0.012%+0.008%
DC current(DCI)
Range Min.Resolution Max.Uncertainty(1 year)
1mA-100mA 10nA 0.05%+0.005%
1A 10A 0.10%+0.008%
10A 100A 0.20%+0.006%
AC voltage(ACV)
Range Frequency Min.Resolution Max.Uncertainty(1 year)
100mV-750V 20Hz-50Hz 1V 1.00%+0.1%
50Hz-10kHz 0.20%+0.08%
10kHz-30kHz 0.80%+0.08%
30kHz-100kHz 3.00%+0.2%
Range Frequency Min.Resolution Max.Uncertainty(1 year)
1mA -10A 20Hz-50Hz 10nA 1.0%+0.08%
50Hz-2kHz 0.5%+0.08%
2kHz-10kHz 2.0%+0.18%
Range Min.Resolution Max.Uncertainty(1 year)
100O-1MO 10O 0.05%+0.008%
10MO 100O 0.20%+0.008%
100MO 1kO 2.00%+0.005%
Range Min.Resolution Max.Uncertainty(1 year)
1nF 1pF 2%+0.8%
10nF-1000uF 10pF 1.0%+0.5%
10000uF 1uF 2%+0.5%
Range Voltagesensitivity Min.Resolution Max.Uncertainty(1 year)
1Hz-1MHz 40mVrms 10Hz 0.005%+0.003%
Range Probe type Min.Resolution Max.Uncertainty(1 year)
-10?-100? PT500 0.1? Probe accuracy0.2?
Uncertainty is not assured if the temperature is out of the range
Upper frame dimension(mm) 215(W)x 88(H)x 335(D)
Exterior dimension(mm) 235(W)x 105(H)x 360(D)
Net weight 2.5 kg