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Pintech HA-800 (200KHz,800Vp-p) High Voltage Amplifier

Pintech HA-800

Product Introduction
Product Name : HA-800 (200KHz,800Vp-p) High Voltage Amplifier Short Description : 800Vp-p(±400V DC) 70mAp-p(±35mA DC) Bandwidth : ?200KHz(400Vp-p) Slew Rate : 200V/us Gain(AMPL) : 0~180(10 Turn VR)

Pintech HA-800 Specification

Model HA-800
Output DC Voltage(Max.) ±400V
Output AC Voltage(Max.) 800Vp-p
DC Current(Max.) ±35mA
AC Current(Max.) 70mAp-p
Output Power(Max.) 28VA
Power Bandwidth 200KHz/400Vp-p
Slew Rate 200V/us
Output Resistance (Protection SW OFF) 100O
Output Resistance (Protection SW ON) 15KO/80watt
Safe Loading ?11KO/800Vp-p
Input Voltage 0~20Vp-p
Voltage Gain 1~180
DC OFFEST 0 or± 400V
Monitor Output 100:1