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Pintech Function generator PT-52072 (0.5Hz~7MHz,8 ranges,3 waveforms)

Pintech PT-52072

Frequency : 0.5Hz~7MHz 8 ranges frequency 3 waveforms Max. 20Vp-p (1MO load), 10Vp-p(50O load

Pintech PT-52072 Specification

Model PT-52072
Display 6digits 0.56" Red LED
Frequency (Sins, Square, Triangle) 0.3Hz-7MHz
Range key 3 ranges(Hz,KHz,Mhz)
Function wave 3 function(Sins, Square, Triangle)
Frequency Stability 10PPM
Accuracy 10PPM+1 digit
Aging 1PPM/1year
Sine wave Harmonic distortion -55dB to 200KHz,-30dB to 7MHz
Flatness 0.3dB to 1MHz,3dB to 7MHz
Triangle wave =98% to 100KHz,=90% to 7MHz
Square wave Level 2% to 1MHz,10% to 7MHz
Rise time ?25nS
SYNC output Level =3V to 7MHz
Rise time ?25nS
Amplitude Max. level 20Vp-p(1MO load),10Vp-p(50O load
Min. level 20mVp-p(1MO load),10mVp-p(50O load
Attenuator -20dBX2(-40dB)
DC offset Fix or ADJ(10V at 1MOload,5V at 50Oload)
RS232 or USB Built-in
PC control Frequency,waveform,attenuatorx1
Dimension / net weight 275(W) X 90(H) X 300(D) mm