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IFR / Marconi 2032 : 5.4 GHz Signal Generator With Opt 01 / 02 / 06 (Aeroflex 2032)

Marconi 2032/01/02/06

10KHz to 5.4GHz Signal Generator (IFR 2032 / 01 / 02 / 06)

The IFR / Marconi 2032 signal generator offers increased flexibility with combinations of frequency, phase, amplitude and pulse modulation over the frequency range 10kHz to 5.4GHz (2032). Aeroflex 2032 is suitable for a wide variety of applications ranging from RF component characterization to radio communications system testing. Set up time is reduced by recalling previously stored instrument settings from the non-volatile memory. Remote programming via the GPIB is provided as a standard feature, allowing the instruments to be included in automatic test systems.

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Operation of the instrument is performed by simply selecting the required operating mode and entering parameter values using the numeric keypad. The Signal Generator, Sweep, LF, Delta, Memory and Utility displays are selectable at any point of operation using the keys below the screen. Within each display, soft keys are assigned alongside the display to allow parameter entry or to select the relevant functions. A large screen, dot matrix liquid crystal display, with backlighting, offers excellent clarity and low power consumption. A GPIB interface is fitted as standard so that all functions are controllable over this interface. The instruments function as talkers as well as listeners and the interface has been designed in accordance with the IEEE 488.2 standard.

An internal modulation oscillator is provided with a frequency range of 0.1 Hz to 500 kHz, resolved to 0.1 Hz. In addition to the normal sine wave output, alternative triangular or square waveforms may be selected. A second oscillator (Option 01) allows full use of complex modulation modes and is particularly useful where two tone modulation is required. Two independent BNC inputs on the front panel allow external modulation signals to be mixed with the internal signal(s) allowing a maximum of four modulations channels to be active at one time. The Pulse Modulation (Option 02) facility allows radar RF and IF stages to be tested and features rise and fall times of less than 25 ns with an on/off ratio of better than 70 dB. Avionics & DME optional facility (Option 06) provides for the internal generation modulation waveforms suitable for the testing of Instrument Landing Systems (ILS) and VHF Omni Range (VOR) beacons. Additional modes of operation support the testing of ADF, Marker Beacons and the SELCAL signaling system. Another additional option creates Gaussian shaped double pulses to produce the correct DME RF signals to test DME receivers.

Marconi / IFR 2032 / 01 / 02 / 06 Features

  • 10kHz to 5.4GHz, 0.1 Hz Frequency Resolution
  • 0.1Hz to 500kHz Modulation Oscillator
  • Wideband FM with 10MHz Bandwidth
  • Signle, Dual, Composite & Dual comp. Modulation Modes
  • GP-IB/IEEE Programming
  • Opt 01 : 2nd Internal Modulation Oscillator
  • Opt 02 : Pulse Modulation
  • Opt 06 : Avionics Option (must have 01)

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