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Agilent 8757D Scalar Network Analyzer with 85037B Perecision Detector (HP 8757D / 85037B)

HP/Agilent 8757D

Scalar Network Analyzer with detector (Agilent / HP 8757D / 87037B)

The Agilent 8757D Scalar Network Analyzer has four independent display channels that process the signals from the Agilent 85037 series precision detectors, 85025 and 85026 detectors, and the 85027 series directional bridges for logarithmic display, in single channel or ratio mode. Three (optionally four) detector inputs are provided. The modulator drive output of the 8757D scalar analyzer provides the circuitry to drive the 8340/50/60/70 series synthesized sweepers and the Agilent 11665B modulator. Modulation drive may be turned on and off via the front panel or GPIB.

HP/Agilent 85037B

HP/Agilent 85037B Precision Detector

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HP / Agilent 85037B precision detector

The Agilent / HP 85037B precision detector is designed specifically for operation with the Agilent 8757D scalar network analyzer. These detectors may be used in either AC or DC detection modes. For improved power measurement accuracy versus frequency, each 85037 series precision detector includes detector specific frequency response data, stored in an internal EEPROM, which is automatically read by the 8757D. When used in conjunction with the 8757Ds internal power calibrator (Option 002), these detectors provide the maximum absolute power measurement accuracy.

HP / Agilent 8757D Features

  • 4 display channels & 3 detector inputs
  • Accurate power measurements with Agilent 85037 series precision detectors
  • GPIB Interface
  • Internal plotter/printer buffer
  • +16 to 60 dBm dynamic range
  • AC/DC detection modes
  • 101 to 1601 measurement points/trace
  • Noise figure measurement display capability

Ask for HP 8757D / 85037B detailed specification.