Agilent 37718A Communications Performance Analyser (HP 37718A)

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Agilent 37718A Communications Performance Analyser (HP 37718A)

Agilent / HP 37718A

Agilent 37718A Communications Performance Analyser (HP 37718A)

Agilent / HP 37718A Price

The Agilent 37718A communications performance analyzer OmniBER 718 (HP 37718A) offers a single box field portable multi-rate SDH/SONET tester up to 2.5 Gb/s (STM-16/OC-48). The analyzer is ideally suited to installation, maintenance, commissioning, system verification and manufacture of SDH/SONET transport networks and network equipment.

POS and ATM devices can also be tested up to 2.5 Gb/s by simply adding the appropriate payload mapping options. The latest enhancements to the OmniBER 718 analyzer include a choice of instrument variants for multi-rate testing. This new choice allows you to buy the SDH only or SDH/SONET test configuration you need today and upgrade in the future as your testing needs move to higher rates.

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Smartsetup & Smart Tests

The OmniBER 718 analyzer lets you start testing with just two key presses! With the analyzer connected to any signal, simply press the Smart Test key on the front panel, select Smartsetup and the instrumentís autodiscover wizard automatically identifies the line rate and payload structure of the unknown input signal. The analyzer also automatically displays all of the J1 trace identifiers, that is 48 J1 identifiers in an OC-48 signal, or 16 in an STM-16 signal. With the signal structure now identified itís a simple process, using the cursor control keys, to select a channel of interest and to explore right down into the payload.

The front panel Smart Test key offers a simple shortcut to the extensive capabilities of the OmniBER 718 analyzer. The Smart Tests are grouped together in functional blocks so you donít need to be an instrument Ďexpertí to get tests up and running quickly.

Protection switch time measurement

Service disruption measurement couldnít be simpler than with the OmniBER 718 analyzer. Using dedicated hardware, the analyzer measures the length of the error burst associated with a protection switch. Unlike the old method of correlating bit errors with time, the unique implementation in the analyzer is accurate to 50 μs with a resolution of 1 μs. Service disruption is also available on ATM signals.

Agilent / HP 37718A Features

  • ATM and POS test capability to 2.5 Gb/s
  • Concatenated payloads at all synchronous rates up to 2.5 Gb/s
  • SmartTest facility for fast test setup
  • Automatic detection of mixed payload signal structures
  • Accurate measurement of protection switching times (ring and linear networks)
  • Jitter generation and measurement at all rates (1.5, 2, 8, 34, 45, 140, 52, 155, 622 and 2,488 Mb/s)

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