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PicoScope 4225/4425

PicoScope Vehicle Diagnostic Oscilloscopes India

Vehicle Diagnostic Oscilloscope
2/4 Ch, 400 MS/s, 12 bit

(PicoScope Automotive Kits)

PicoLog CM03

PicoLog CM03 USB Current Data Logger

USB Current Data Logger
3 Ch, 24 bit, 1V AC RMS

(PicoLog CM03 USB Current Data Logger)

PicoTech 4444

High-resolution Differential USB Oscilloscope from AES India

Differential Oscilloscope
4Ch, 20MHz, 256MS

(PicoScope 4444 USB Oscilloscope)

DranetzBMI PX5

DranetzBMI PX5 : PowerXplorer - Power Quality Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer (PQA)
8 Ch : 4 Voltage & 4 Current

(DranetzBMI PX5 Specification)

HDPQ Xplorer

Dranetz HDPQ Xplorer Power Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer
8 Ch, 1000Vrms, AC/DC,

(HDPQ Xplorer Specification)

Dranetz Energy Platform EP1

Dranetz Energy Platform EP1 Demand & Energy Analyzer

Power Quality Analyzer
8 Ch : 4 Voltage & 4 Current

(Dranetz EP1 Specification)

GW Instek GDS-3000 Series

GW Instek GDS-3000 Series Visual Persistence DSO

Visual Persistence DSO
2/4 Ch, 500/350/250/150 MHz, 5GS/s

(GDS-3000 Series Specification)

GW Instek GPT-9900 Series

GW Instek GPT-9900 Series Electrical Safety Tester

Electrical Safety Tester

(GW Instek GPT-9900 Specification)

GW Instek LCR-916

GW Instek LCR-916 Handheld LCR Meter

Handheld LCR Meter
20K/2K Counts, 100/120Hz / 1/10/100kHz

(GW Instek LCR-916 Specification)

Agilent 8757D / 85037B

Scalar Network Analyzer

Scalar Network Analyzer
With 85037B Perecision Detector

(Agilent 8757D Specification)

Agilent/HP 6632B

20V, 5A Power Supply

DC Power Supply
100W, 20V, 5A

(Agilent 6632B Specification)

Agilent/HP 1660CS

136 Channel Logic Analyzer

Logic Analyzer
136 Channel, 100 MHz

(Agilent 1660CS Specification)